Season 1 Championships

Chicago • Dortmund • Santiago

The Silph Arena Season 1 Championships

During our inaugural season in the Silph Arena, trainers around the world have competed every month (by the tens of thousands!) to prove they are the very best. Now, as we reach the end of the season, the ultimate test lies before these elite battlers. Who will earn the prestige and glory for conquering their continent and becoming one of the Arena's World Champions?

What Is The Season 1 Championship?

Over the month of May, we've seen communities send their toughest competitors to Regional Invitationals seeking to earn a spot in the upcoming Championships tournaments in North America, South America, and Europe. The winners of these Regionals will represent their communities and regions in one of the three upcoming Silph Arena Championship events.

The three Championship events will be:

  • North American Championship - June 15th in Chicago, USA
  • European Championship - July 6th in Dortmund, Germany
  • South American Championship - August 17th in Santiago, Chile

More details on the Championship locations and schedules can be found HERE.

Championships Tournament Rules

The Season 1 Championships have a few special rules (designed to provide a test of battle skills) in addition to standard Arena Rules and will be the same for all three continents' tournaments. Competitors will bring a team of six, Great League-eligible Pokemon (and register them before the tournament begins). The following tournament rules dictate eligible species:

  • No type-restrictions are in effect
  • Legendary and Mythical species will not be eligible for Battle Teams
  • Competitors' Battle Teams (of 6) can only include up to 2 of the following Pokemon species:
    • Altaria, Azumarill, Bastiodon, Lucario, Medicham, Meganium, Probopass, Skarmory, Tropius, Venusaur
  • Zápasy sa hrajú v Great League, v turnaji sú povolení iba Pokémoni až do 1500 CP.
  • Only one of each Pokemon species is permitted on your team of 6. (No species duplicates!) Alternate forms of the same species are permitted if their typing differs.
  • Vo všetkých ostatných prípadoch budú dodržané pravidlá arény .

Championships Format

Each Championship will consist of 60-110 Region Representatives (and at least 1 wildcard competitor).

  • Group Stage: All competitors will be split into groups of 8. Each group will run a Swiss-style tournament. Only the winner advances.
  • Knockout Stage: If the Group Stage produces more than 8 undefeated winners, the lower of these by global rank (on June 1) will compete in a single-elimination tournament for a spot in the top 8. Competitors are permitted to change their Battle Team of 6 when registering for the Knockout bracket.
  • Finals: The final 8 remaining will enter a single-elimination Finals. These finalists can register a new Battle Team of 6 before commencing the bracket. Only one Champion will emerge!

Ako súťažiť

Region Representatives were determined based on performance at their Regional Invitational. If you are not sure if you are your Region's representative, talk to the Tournament Organizer at the invitational you attended. Region Representatives will receive an email with details how to RSVP for Championship tournaments.

The top 20 globally ranked competitors (as of June 1st) are invited to compete in one Championship, should they wish to attend, and at least one 'wildcard' slot will be selected from those who performed well in the Open Qualifier held before Championships (should there be an Open Qualifier). Top 20 ranked invitations do not 'cascade' if competitors in the top 20 are Region Representatives, but Open Qualifier wildcard selection will skip over those already invited to compete in Championships. These additional invitees will be sent a message with RSVP details from the Arena.

Qualified competitors must RSVP for their Championship event by June 5th at 11:59 p.m. UTC, so don’t delay! If you miss the RSVP cutoff you may not be allowed to compete!

Často kladené otázky

Do I need a ticket to GO Fest to participate in the Season 1 Championships?

No, all of the Championship events will be held off-site from any concurrent GO Fest event.

What do I do if I'm a Region Representative but didn't get my email?

First, check your spam folder and make sure you are checking the email associated with your Arena account. The message will come from If you still can't find it, reach out to an Arena Volunteer ASAP in the Regionals or Silph League Discord server or the Silph League's Telegram channel.

Do I need a ticket to the Silph Road after-party to compete?

No. If you simply want to compete, a ticket to the Silph Road's after-party is not required. If, however, you wish to remain after Finals and get pizza, a drink card, a $10 game card, etc, then Region Representatives can purchase those as a walk-in ticket at the door. Quantity has been held in reserve for Region Representatives so they need not be concerned about the venue hitting capacity, should they wish to attend the after-party once there.

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