Campeonatos Continentales 2020

Miles de competidores han luchado cada mes para demostrar que son los mejores. ¡Ahora los mejores competidores de la Arena se enfrentarán a su último desafío! ¡Es hora de coronar a los Campeones Continentales 2020!

¿Qué son los Campeonatos Continentales?

Durante el mes de abril, las comunidades de todo el mundo han enviado a sus competidores más hábiles a los Invitacionales Regionales, buscando ganar su lugar en los próximos Campeonatos en América del Norte, América Latina, Europa y Australasia. Estos ganadores, y otros competidores importantes, representarán a sus regiones y comunidades en uno de los cuatro eventos del Campeonato Continental.

More details on the Continentals schedules can be found HERE.

Reglas de los campeonatos continentales

The 2020 Continental Championships will be run in TWO phases, each with their unique meta designed to test your battle skills!

  • Team of 6: Competitors will bring a team of 6 Pokémon (and register them before the tournament begins). All battle parties used must be comprised of these 6 Pokémon.
  • Great League: Matches are played in Great League: only Pokémon up to 1500 CP are permitted in the Cup.
  • Master of Pokémon Types: Each slot on your team of 6 must be selected from a whitelisted set of Pokémon restricted to 3 types. Dual-type Pokémon will be classified as a SINGLE TYPE (for example, Azumarill is listed as a FAIRY type but not a WATER type).
    • Slot 1: Fire, Water & Grass

      Y en formato de texto:

    • Slot 2: Ghost, Normal & Fighting

      Y en formato de texto:

    • Slot 3: Dragon, Fairy & Steel

      Y en formato de texto:

    • Slot 4: Poison, Rock & Ice

      Y en formato de texto:

    • Slot 5: Flying, Electric & Ground

      Y en formato de texto:

    • Slot 6: Dark, Bug & Psychic

      Y en formato de texto:

  • Shadow Pokémon are not allowed in the Preliminary Rounds!
  • Arena Rules will be followed in all other particulars.

The Top 8 competitors from the Preliminary Rounds will face off in a DOUBLE ELIMINATION bracket. Before the finals, the competitors will participate in an OPEN GREAT LEAGUE SNAKE DRAFT! Pick order and seeding will be determined by finishing positions in the Preliminary Rounds.

Competitors will take turns picking one Pokémon to add to their team. Seed 1 will pick first, followed by seeds 2, 3, and so on until all 8 competitors have picked. For the second round, they will pick in reverse order, starting with seed 8. This process repeats until all 6 team slots are filled.

There are no type restrictions or bans for the Double Elimination Finals.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Cómo puedo ver los encuentros del Campeonato Continental de 2020?

¡La Arena está trabajando para configurar transmisiones u otras opciones para seguir la acción! ¡Esté atento a nuestros canales de redes sociales, servidor de Discord y otros métodos de comunicación para obtener más información!

¿Por qué los Campeonatos Continentales de 2020 se juegan en la liga súper?

Great League (max 1500cp) provides a diverse, new playing field with many options for creative, competitive teams. It also allows more casual players to join tournaments at meetups without being completely unable to compete with level 40 trainers who often sport the same level 40 Legendary Pokémon. Great League also marks immediately irrelevant much of the amassed arsenal of those who manipulate their GPS location ('spoof') to circumvent in-game mechanic limiters and acquire unnatural advantages.

¿Dónde puedo obtener más información sobre la clasificación global de jugadores?

You can learn more about Global Player Rankings by reading our Guide to Player Rank.

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Resources & Guides

Time to study up! Conquering this meta requires preparation and practice. Review this collection of guides and resources from Arena contributors and community content creators to help you on your way to victory:

Live Cup Data

As you plan your battle team, consider the species which appear most frequently in this meta:

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