The 2021-2022 Competitive Season

Season 4: Battle to Greatness!

The Silph League Arena is the premier competitive PvP league in Pokemon GOTM - offering competitors around the world a chance to prove they are the very best in their region, nation, and the world!

Season Roadmap

Overview: A new season of Challenges

Get ready for a PvP Season full of new challenges! From October 1st, 2021 through September 30th, 2022, the Silph Arena will test tens of thousands of competitors around the world in the ultimate competitive challenge. Come prove your skills and show your region, nation, and the world that you're the very best in the premier competitive Pokemon GOTM PvP league.

Ranked tournaments are held at thousands of local venues each month, are free-to-play, and are open to all ages. Everyone is welcome to compete! Simply find the next tournament near you on the Tournament Map and RSVP with a free account and you're ready to start climbing the leaderboards!

* Note: The dates listed below may be impacted by changes in gameplay mechanics, future Niantic live-event schedules, and other factors and will be subject to change. The Arena will, however, attempt to adhere to the posted schedule as closely as possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience!

October Through December: Monthly Cups

Three monthly themed Cups will challenge competitors during the first split of the Season. Cups are designed with unique restrictions (types, limited bans, Generation restriction, etc.) to test your knowledge of Pokémon, strategic creativity, and battling abilities. Each Cup's details will be announced roughly ten days in advance to provide competitors ample time to prepare their teams.

Your performance in each Cup has a significant impact on your global and national ranking - moreso than most other tournament types, so prepare well! The most skilled competitors can shine in battle no matter the circumstances, so study the Cup's rules and strategic landscape, hone your team, and face the challenge head on!

January: Midseason Break and Arena All-Star Invitational

Instead of a themed Cup, January will feature a special invitational separate from the PvP Season. Competitors will have the chance to display their skills while getting a break from the competitive grind. Stay tuned for more information!

February through July: Monthly Cups

The PvP Season resumes in February, and will continue with new Cup metas through July. Don't get complacent, the metas in this half of the season will be more complex and creative - they will push your team building and battling skills to their limits! New Cup details will continue to be announced roughly ten days before the start of the month to provide competitors ample time to prepare their teams.

July: Regionals by Invitation

The strongest competitors in each area will be invited to represent their communities in the Regional Invitationals which precede the Championship Season events. Regional Invitationals are "hosted" by local volunteer communities and aim to encompass all communities within a certain radius. Qualifications to host and information on applying will be available soon.

August and September: Championship Season

Regional Champions and a few of the highest globally ranked competitors will be invited to battle at the Continental Championships held throughout August and September. The competitors who conquer these elite competitions will be some of the most skilled, elite battlers in the world!

In August and September, the Arena will invite the Continental Champions and a few other top battlers to the most elite PvP contest of the Season - the Silph Arena World Championship! There, the Silph Arena World Champion will be crowned and write their name into legend. The World Championships will be expanded to include more of the world's top PvP talent - more info to come!

Player Rank & Qualifying

Increasing Player Rank

Players' ranking will be affected by wins and losses in ranked tournaments hosted by Silph League member communities when played through Many factors are considered behind the scenes when calculating player ranking, but the fastest way to rank up will be performing well in monthly Cups.

Win/loss ratio, strength of opponents, and many other factors will play a role in determining rank. To a limited degree, this can include performing well in Arena-accredited, non-Cup, ranked open league tournaments - but simply playing more tournaments is not necessary to rank well locally or globally. Cup play is weighted significantly - and performing well in monthly Cups should be the primary focus of those seeking to qualify for a Regional invitation.

All-Star Invitational Qualifications

The midseason break in January will feature a brand new invitational challenge! Invitations to this event will be determined by multiple factors, including Global Rank. More information about this exciting invitational and how you can qualify will come after the season starts!

Regional Qualifications

There will be multiple paths to earning an invitation to Regionals in Season 3. Stay tuned for specific qualifications, information will come later in the season!

Championship Qualifications

The path to Continental and World Championships will be tough, and few will reach the end, but the way to the top is not limited to a single path. Regional Champions, top ranked trainers, and others will have the opportunity to compete at the prestigious Continental and World Championships at the end of Season 3. Specific qualifications will be announced later in the season, so be prepared!

For information about player rank in the Arena, read the Guide to Player Rank!

Hosting Local Tournaments

Silph League Community Leaders

Monthly Arena Cups and other accredited non-Cup tournaments can be hosted by Silph League community leaders.

Member communities must abide the Silph League's Code of Conduct and may have their accreditation or League membership revoked for violating the spirit and policies of the League.

For help setting up, hosting, or getting started in the Silph League, join us in the League's Community Leader Discord server and Telegram channels!

To collaborate with other Tournament Hosts and PvP players, join us on The Silph Arena Discord server!

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