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Dec 1, 2022: Factions Power Rankings – Cycle 2 Season 2 - Nerowx Awards!

This recurring article will highlight some of the best Factions and Players in the format, using an ELO rating system developed by Nerowx. If you want to skip the formulas and explanations of what every term means, go straight down to the Power Rankings section for the fun stuff! Also links to all the Data and Ratings can be found at the end of the article, plus a link to a Discord Server where the Ratings are shown by Region, Tier, and much more!


ELO Formula, FELO, PELO and more!

So first of all, what do I mean by ELO rating? Like in chess, which uses the regular formula (read more here) to calculate a player rating based on the game between the two players, the same formula can be used for Factions and players.

In short, the formula is:

Where the points don’t matter, only if the score is a win or loss. is the ELO rating one gets after the Bout. is the old rating one has before the Bout. is a value depending on a Faction’s/player’s strength. ranges from 10 to 40, where typically a top player has 10 and a beginner or players with relatively low rankings have 40. Henceforth the value will always be 10. is the expected score, the formula is as follows:

Where is the opponent’s rating before the Bout. 400 is simply an arbitrary number. 

When Cycle 1 of Season 2 started, every Faction and Player started with a rating based on the tier the Faction/Player played in. (Emerald – rating of 1000, Diamond – rating of 980 etc). Ratings after Bout 9 from Cycle 1 have been carried over to the start of Cycle 2. To separate the ELO ratings of Factions and Players we can call the rating for Factions FELO and the rating for Players PELO

Let’s “calculate” an example:

For Bout 1, NA, Pair 1, Evanstonks is facing Stadium Elite. When Cycle 1 ended Evanstonks had a FELO rating of 994 and Stadium Elite 1019. If Evanstonks wins Bout 1, the formula gives a new rating of 1000 and Stadium Elite gets 1014. If Evanstonks loses, the new rating is 990 and Stadium Elite gets 1024.

The same applies for a player that wins its battle. 

Now, the rating can also give somewhat of a prediction to whichever wins. There can also be another rating by weighing in a Faction’s wins, and we will call that rating XELO. For a Player, another fourth rating by weighing in the Player’s wins, can be called NELO. Lastly, a fifth rating for Factions, by averaging the Faction’s players PELO rating, can be called AELO.


Power Rankings – Bout 9

Cycle 2 is over! Let’s take a look at the final standings and some other highlights and tidbits.

There were some changes at the top of the FELO Ratings since the last article. At #1 is still INFINITY GO WHITE, LATAM Emerald Champions, with only Bout 1 lost during the whole cycle, the only Faction in Emerald with 117 wins and 24 points. Still at #2 is EU EMPERORS, EMEA Emerald Champions, with 111 wins and 21 points. A new #3 rose by the end of the Cycle: INFINITY GO BLACK, a Faction that after 3 losses in Bouts 2 to 4, won against INFINITY GO WHITE and then all remaining Bouts, climbing a few spots in the later stretch of the Cycle. at #4 is MAGNISPVP, with a solid 7 Bout wins. 

The next Factions at #5 – #7 are all NA: THE BODY SLAMMERS, NA Emerald Champions, POGOATS, and STADIUM ELITE. The first APAC Faction is HKERS HANK, APAC Emerald Champions, at #9. 

The Faction that gained the most FELO from the start of Cycle 2 to Bout 9 are the unbeaten BRAVENERDS PVP from NA Iron, with 128 wins and 27 points. They are 1 of the 3 unbeaten Factions. The second unbeaten Faction is CANADIAN SHIELDON, NA Diamond Champions, at #2 with most gains in FELO rating through Cycle 2. (Honorable mention to TTT SQUAD NA Open)

FELO Ratings in the rest of tiers show that in Diamond #1 is DELHI DARMANITANS APAC, with 8 Bout wins. Just below them at #2 is CANADIAN SHIELDON, which would be at #1 if their rating from Cycle 1 would have been higher. In Platinum #1 is HYDRA ESPORTS with 8 Bout wins, in Gold #1 is HASERREA PERRSERKERS with 7 Bout wins, in Silver #1 is TEXASPVP, in Bronze #1 is BEAMIN AND SCREAMIN, in Copper #1 is TEAM B.T.W, finally in Iron #1 is CUUBONES. All Factions mentioned in this section were, unsurprisingly, champions.

Moving to AELO and at #1 is still INFINITY GO WHITE, and also retaining their spot is THE METAL RAPTORS at #2. The former #3 EU EMPERORS took a hit by losing Bout 8 and is now at #8 and giving up the Top EMEA spot to SNOVERTAPPERS at #7. The current #3 is STADIUM ELITE, which had a higher initial combined Cycle 2 PELO rating, which led to a higher ending AELO than the current NA Emerald Champions, THE BODY SLAMMERS. At #4 is HKERS HANK with 7 Bout wins.

The number of wins for most of these Factions reflect on the XELO Rating, with INFINITY GO WHITE being at #1, and honorable mentions to #2 and #3 TASSIE TIMBURRS, APAC Platinum Champions, and TEAM B.T.W, NA Copper Champions, coming from a lower tier and yet being at the top of the XELO Rating.

PELO Ratings didn’t change that much at the end of Cycle 2, the player with the highest rating, the only unbeaten player from Top 10, is #1 TANGENT444 from Canadian Shieldon, NA Diamond, having a total of 20 wins, who was also the highest rated player in Primeval. At #2 is NIMBLEDRAGONLKJ from The Metal Raptors, APAC Emerald, who was the top player for most of the cycle, having a total of 15 wins with 8 Bouts played. At #3 is THOTECHTICAL from EU Emperors, EMEA Emerald, having 20 wins, and the highest rated in Sorcerous. At #4 is RICHIE1409 from AZTEC LEAGUE, LATAM Emerald, having 20 wins and playing in GL and UL. These four players are also the ones with the highest PELO Rating in their respective regions.

Honorable mentions to #5, #6 and #8 MASTERMIHIR295, THETAURIAN22, and HAMMADMUNIR for being part of the Top 10, while playing in GL, ML, and Timeless respectively.

Finally, NELO Ratings, the only player having 25 total wins and thus still at #1 is B0PPER from TEXASPVP, NA Silver. B0pper went undefeated playing in Primeval fields, makes him the best performance of all players. At #2 is LNDSGOKU from HYDRA ESPORTS, LATAM Platinum, having 24 wins in Primeval. At #3 is HAMMADMUNIR from THE BODY SLAMMERS, NA Emerald, and at #4 is 0EL1TE0 from NORTH EAST BATTLERS, NA Platinum, both having 23 wins in Sorcerous.

The player who gained the most PELO Rating throughout the cycle was MIAMIDOC from Team B.T.W, NA Copper, undefeated and having 23 wins. Other honorable mentions in this ranking are SHADOWMIMIKYU20 from Phoenix Rising, and STEPIS5 from Bojové fretky.


Nerowx Awards!

The best players in each tier were the following:

Emerald NIMBLEDRAGONLKJ The Metal Raptors APAC
Diamond TANGENT444 Canadian Shieldon NA
Platinum LAWSONCODY22 Team MichiGengar NA
Gold GIGGETER The Battle Kittenz EMEA
Silver B0PPER TexasPvP NA
Bronze LUISKAREL24 POGO Raiders NA
Iron CODYALONZO Phantump Force LATAM


But there is also more if we look deeper at the final scores and check how many wins a Faction or player had. If we look to all the stats and even further, look at each field in a given tier, and then compare it to the same tier in a different region, and then compare it to all other tiers for a total overview. Lets make a short summary of what else happened this cycle.

We had 31 tiers, 493 Factions competing and 4,419 players playing some or all 9 Bouts.

Starting with perhaps the most interesting, the MVPs, each tier have a player that had the best performance overall. Let’s say Performance equals to Number of Wins multiplied by their Win %.

So basically the more wins you have and the more Bouts played, the better. We are not going to name all 31 MVPs, just a few of them who had the most amazing stats! (Also worth remembering: this ranking doesn’t count 2-0 Bouts).

First, all of the MVPs got the most wins in their tiers, and all got more than 18 wins. The undisputed MVP with the most wins of them all was B0PPER from TEXASPVP, NA Copper, with a total of 25 wins. Four players got 24 wins, ELDKRYUFF from SWÉMONS, EMEA Bronze, LNDSGOKU from HYDRA ESPORTS, LATAM Platinum and, both from LATAM Open and tied for MVP, DORIGATOH from TIME X SPACE, and GAXELAA from STEELWINGS.

Looking at the Emerald tiers, the MVPs are HAMMADMUNIR from THE BODY SLAMMERS with 23 wins, MRMCCALVIN from GUERILLA GARBODORS with 21 wins, THETAURIAN22 from THE METAL RAPTORS with 20 wins and ACELEADERSKY04 from INFINITY GO WHITE with 19 wins.

There were 17 players that played all 9 Bouts and were undefeated. They all got at least 20 wins, and the most is of course B0PPER as mentioned above. Of those 17, 7 are from NA, 5 from EMEA, 3 from LATAM and 2 from APAC. Most of them played at Platinum tier, 2 from Emerald, and lowest tier is Copper. Almost half of the 17 played Primeval. None of the 17 players obviously won every Bout by going 3-0, yet. Who will be the first…?

The players with most wins in each of the 6 fields are held by 4 players from NA and 2 from LATAM. Mentioning the first three from GL, UL, and ML, are GUABIRUALADO21 from DEMON HUNTERS, LATAM, UNCLEKIDDA from LUSITÂNIA ORANGE, NA, and 0MISTERMASTER from TEAM MANCOS UNITED, LATAM, respectively.

In Primeval, Timeless, and Sorcerous, the players were B0PPER from TEXASPVP, NA, MIAMIDOC from TEAM B.T.W, NA, and ZZWEILOUS from SHARKS & RECREATION, NA.

Focusing only in Emerald, honorable mentions to two players with 21 wins, LUIS14990 from MVP MÉXICO, LATAM, in ML, and MRMCCALVIN from GUERILLA GARBODORS, EMEA, in Primeval.

Analyzing the 31 Factions that won their tiers, 3 Factions were undefeated, all from NA: BRAVENERDS PVP Iron, with 128 wins, CANADIAN SHIELDON, Diamond, 118 wins and TTT SQUAD, Open, with 117 wins. The Faction with most wins out of 493 Factions, is TEAM B.T.W with a total of 132 wins. (Actually tied with ROCK PAPER SLARK having 132 wins, second place in NA Iron with 24 points).

16 of the 31 Factions have 24 points or more. The others have 21 points or more except Children of Zeus EMEA Silver, winning its tier by having 18 points and 109 wins.

Out of the four Emerald champions, INFINITY GO WHITE had the most points with 24 and a total of 117 wins. Followed by, all having 21 points, HKERS HANK 113 wins, EU EMPERORS 111 wins, and THE BODY SLAMMERS with 108 wins.

The Best Faction in each field are listed below.

Timeless TEAM B.T.W NA Copper


Looking only at Emerald tier:



That’s it for this Cycle! GGs to everyone mentioned and also everyone else that played during Cycle 2! 

Want to join Nerowx’s Discord to get more information, discuss the data or provide feedback?

Nerowx’s Discord Server Stats

Do you want to check the data?

Nerowx’s Sheet ELO ratings

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