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Jul 28, 2023: 2023 Worlds: Meet the Competitors!

The 2023 World Championship is almost here, and the excitement is building up! The competitors who have fought their way through the entire season to reach The Silph Arena’s final stage are now ready to showcase their skills. With impressive stats to back them up, it’s anyone’s guess who will become the last-ever Silph Arena World Champion. So, whose side will you be cheering on in this thrilling contest? Before deciding, come join us to meet all of them:


The 2023 APAC Continental Champion, nyankake, will be joined by two other top-placing competitors: Innerbloom94 and RifqiAditya23. These impressive Continental challengers will be competing alongside the current World Champion, VroomVroomPow. Get ready for an intense showdown as they give their all to keep the title in APAC!


Representing the EMEA Region, we have the 2023 EMEA Continental Champion PvpDavid07 who will be joined by the same Tournament’s runner up and third-place Competitors: 13gioppy37 and KingOWT. Adding to the excitement, the #2 Global Rank Competitor, ASprescelto, will also be joining the fray! After two fourth-places in 2020 and 2021, could this be the year that Europe finally takes the crown?


NA has claimed the World Champion crown twice, and now these battlers will battle fiercely to secure the final title for their region. The NA Continental Championship winner DaiLapCheurng will be joined by MagicMayson and wdage the #2 and #3 top-placed Competitors. Adding to the excitement, the #1 Global Rank Competitor, jaysfan55, who coincidentally placed 4th in Continentals, will also join!


The 2023 LATAM Continental Championship was the longest among the four regions, lasting for more than 8 hours of fierce battling. In the end, JersonSanks emerged as the Champion and qualified for Worlds! The #2 and #3 top-placed competitors, PaulinhoTad and LNDsBernardo also earned their invite to the most prestigious event in the world!

Back in 2020, LATAM was one match away from claiming a World Champion title when Ventuski ended up as the runner-up. Now, as the Rio de la Plata Battle Tower Champion, he gets another shot. Get ready for an intense showdown as these competitors give it their all to bring the World Champion title to LATAM for the first (and last) time ever!

Watch the World Championship LIVE!

You can watch the last-ever Silph Arena World Championship LIVE and cheer on your favorite competitors on Saturday 29th at 17:00 UTC on the Silph Arena Twitch channel! Make sure to follow so you don’t miss the start of this exciting event. The 2023 World Championships will be shoutcasted by some familiar faces from the last five years of the Arena! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to witness the ultimate showdown of skills and determination!

And if you want to relive the four 2023 Silph Arena Continental Championships, they are already uploaded on The Silph League Arena YouTube channel! Watch and enjoy the intense battles and remarkable moments from the Continentals!

– The Arena Team –

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